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The Association of Tanzania Insurers (ATI)

ATI is a self-regulatory body formed in 1999 by the Insurers & Reinsurers companies operating in Tanzania with the following objectives;

  • To be self-regulating body of the insurers and re-insurers in Tanzania

  • To promote knowledge and awareness of insurance services/products to the public

  • To organize and facilitate specialized trainings of Member’s staff for development of the industry

  • To facilitate orderly expansion and growth of the insurance industry in Tanzania

  • To protect, promote and advance common interest of the Members

  • To act as a medium of consultation and communication with government and other stakeholders

  • To afford means of arbitration, or settling disputes or question between Members and between Members and third parties

  • To gather collect data, information and market-wide statistics from Members of the Association

  • To represent the Members or any of them before any Authority on any matters or issues which affect the interests of the Members or the insurance industry

  • To co-ordinate and co-operate with any Authority in establishing business ethics and good business practices or conduct