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On October 6, 2022, the Association of (ATI) took a significant step in combating motor insurance fraud. The scheduled presentation and handover of the study report marked a pivotal moment, leading to the cancellation of memberships for implicated individuals and insurers.

During the event, members and other insurers witnessed the unveiling of the comprehensive report, shedding light on the extent of motor insurance fraud in Tanzania. The findings, presented with clarity and urgency, underscored the importance of collective efforts in maintaining the integrity of the insurance industry.

As a consequence of the report, actions were taken to cancel memberships for those found involved in fraudulent activities. This proactive stance by TIRA sends a strong message about the commitment to ensuring transparency, fairness, and ethical practices within the Tanzanian insurance sector.

This initiative not only addresses immediate concerns but also sets a precedent for ongoing vigilance against fraudulent activities, emphasising the regulatory authority’s dedication to fostering a trustworthy and secure insurance environment in Tanzania.

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