About Us

The Association of Tanzania Insurers (ATI) was voluntarily formed in 1999 by the Insurance and Re-insurance companies operating in Tanzania. However, based on the insurance Act of 1996, as was amended in 2009, membership was made compulsory for all the Insurance and Re-insurance companies. So far, there are 32 such companies operating in the industry and, thus members of the Association.

The Association of Tanzania Insurers (ATI) plays an important role within the national economy by providing the national underwriting capacity for risks and contributing towards mobilization of savings for sustainable economic development of the country. The true significance of the insurance sector lies in the fact that it enables the economy to operate efficiently and effectively. Without a reliable mechanism for risk mitigation, most of the economic activities would be exposed to risk. A safe and stable insurance industry brings about stability and confidence in the country ‘s economic systems. This justifies the argument that efforts for improving the performance of the economy and the living standards of the population must give particular attention to development of the insurance sector. Thus, the formation of the Association of Tanzania Insurers in 1999 by the Insurance Act of 1996.

Our Mission

To promote financial soundness and growth of the market whilst protecting interests of the insuring public through the observance of best insurance practice code

Our Vision

To have well-serviced insurance market

Our Core Values

Integrity and Ethical

Innovation and Teamwork



Social Responsibility.



General Insurance Companies
Medical Insurance Companies
Life Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies in the Market

General Insurance Companies (26 Companies)General Insurance Companies transacting Medical (9)Life insurance Companies (6)
AAR TanzaniaAAR TanzaniaAlliance Life Assurance Limited
Alliance Insurance Corporation Ltd.Britam Insurance Tanzania Ltd.Bumaco Life Insurance Company Limited
Britam Insurance Tanzania Ltd.GA Insurance LimitedJubilee Life Insurance Company Ltd.
Bumaco Insurance Company LtdMaxinsure (Tanzania) LimitedMetropolitan Tanzania Life Assurance
First Assurance Company LimitedMetropolitan Tanzania Insurance CompanyNational Insurance Corporation
GA Insurance Tanzania LimitedMo Assurance Company.Sanlam Life Insurance (T) Limited
ICEA Lion General Insurance Company (T) LimitedResolution Insurance Tanzania Limited
Insurance Group of Tanzania LimitedStrategis Insurance (Tanzania) Limited
Maxinsure (Tanzania) LimitedThe Jubilee Insurance Company of Tanzania
Mayfair Insurance Co. Tanzania Ltd.
Metropolitan Tanzania Insurance Company Limited
Mgen Tanzania Insurance Company Limited
Milembe Insurance Company Limited
MO Assurance Company Limited
National Insurance Corp. (T) Ltd
Phoenix of Tanzania Assurance Co. Ltd
Reliance Insurance Co. Tanzania Ltd
Resolution Insurance Tanzania Limited
Sanlam General Insurance Company Limited
Star General Insurance Tanzania Limited
Strategis Insurance (Tanzania) Limited
Tanzindia Assurance Company Limited
The Heritage Insurance Company Tanzania Limited
The Jubilee Insurance Company of Tanzania Limited
UAP Insurance Tanzania Limited
Zanzibar Insurance Corporation